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Hi, I'm Guy.

Owner/Operator of Guy Shoots. I'm a photographer, videographer, and editor based in New York City.


I started as a musician but always had the desire to create outside of music. Photo and video always interested me, but I never had the time to pursue it. After living abroad in Australia and New Zealand, I made the move to LA and knew it was time to learn a new skill as my passion for playing music had started to fade.

I then bought my first DSLR and reignited my passion to create. I've been shooting and editing for over 5 years now. Paired with my 5+ years of experience in social media, having the ability to produce content has been a dream come true! I love studying the latest trends in digital media and will continue to grow as the industry evolves.


"Guy's editing has made all the difference for our video. He notices and accentuates even the smallest details. This is why I wanted him for the job. He just gets it."

—  Joe G, Guitarist

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